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XAKESTAR - A truly progressive rock band playing music that will stand the test of time

Xakestar is a Persian rock band originally formed in Tehran, Iran, and currently active in Sweden. The band was formed in early 1999 by Mo Khojasteh (lead guitar, bass, synthesizers and lyrics), Hani Rajabi (lead vocals, keyboards, synthesizers, and electronics) and Behruz Bazargan (drums).

Their music is an epic journey into the dark side of the psyche, filled with instrumental twists and turns that will leave you spinning and totally satisfied. A progressive rock power trio in its essence, Xakestar has elements of classic bands such as Sepultura, The Cult and Depeche Mode in their music. These are complimented with a smattering of psychedelia that echoes early Pink Floyd, delivered by a lead guitarist that has more scales than a lizard!

Songs like Crystal Shadow will have you routed to your seat, delivering hard, progressive metal right to your temporal lobes with a punch that would impress even the most die hard metal fan.

For a total contrast that really highlights their versatility, try the song Countdown. This song begins with a mellow intro that sucks you gently into what turns into an epic piece of melody led rock, very reminiscent of Stone Temple Pilots in places, with rich layered vocals, a catchy chorus hook line and guitars that just take you exactly where you need to go.

My favourite song of them all has to be Blind Moon which, coincidentally, you can find on the Museboat Digest Spring CD, available now on Amazon for only £7.49 J Blind Moon is very reminiscent of The Cult with its watery guitar intro that is simply pure bliss to listen to. Rolling onto a low, bass driven number, carried by a soulful and deep vocal melody, epic synths, crystal clear guitar and flawless drums, this piece of musical greatness echoes other greats such as Joy Division, Depeche Mode and The Sisters of Mercy.  If you do one thing in your life, make sure you listen to this track. I did and I was hooked.

All told, Xakestar are a talented and progressive trio of musicians that really like to push the boundaries of genre and experiment, to great effect, with new and old sounds. They deliver their own particular brand of moody, trippy, Goth-metal melancholia, enhanced by thought provoking vocals, mind bending guitar riffs and atmospheric synths, bringing a sound that is altogether well crafted and timed to perfection. I highly recommend!

Review written by Paul Patane (PowLo/Panic for Gold

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